Release Notes for Migration Tools for Plesk 12.0.x and Plesk Automation 11.6


  1. Migrations Tool v. 0.1.9 (29 July 2015)
  2. Migrations Tool v. 0.1.8 (09 June 2015)
  3. Migrations Tool v. 0.1.7 (19 April 2015)
  4. Change Log


    [+] new feature

    [*] functionality improved

    [-] issue resolved

    Migration Tools v. 0.1.9 (29 July 2015)

    1. [+] Copying PostgreSQL databases is now supported for migration from cPanel to Plesk.

    2. [+] Migration from Plesk Expand to Plesk is now supported.

    3. [+] Migration workflow from a predefined backup is now possible.

    4. [*] A pre-migration check report now contains the whole sequence of errors in a case of several attempts to perform some operation.

    5. [*] A tool for managing DNS at a source panel is integrated into the migration process.

    6. [*] Multiple improvements related to migration from cPanel to Plesk.

    7. [*] Content copying is now faster due to a parallel execution.

    8. [*] Migration workflow now includes pre-migration checks for possible conflicts between source and destination systems related to server configuration and domain hosting settings.

    9. [-] Migration from cPanel without PostgreSQL server failed.(PMT-1889)

    10. [-] Incorrect permissions were applied to a webspace after content migration.(PMT-1881)

    11. [-] If a customer locale value was not specified in a source panel, the migrated customers and resellers were created in the "en-US" locale, instead of the default target panel locale.(PMT-1879)

    12. [-] Migration from cPanel did not work if a database mapping was stored in YAML format instead of JSON. (PMT-1878)

    13. [-] Migration from Plesk Expand to PPA did not work if a source panel's centralized mail server was on Windows.(PMT-1831)

    14. [-] Migration failed if some component of a source service plan was not installed on a target platform.(PMT-1794)

    15. [-] If ASP.NET support was first enabled and then disabled for a service plan, this service plan could not be migrated.(PMT-1793)

    16. [-] During migration, requests to the CLI gate were sent to local host, instead of using an IP address specified in the config.ini file.(PMT-1781)

    17. [-] Migration from Plesk to Plesk failed if a Microsoft SQL Server database of a source subscription had a "sysdiagrams" table and a target subscription’s database was missing this table.(PMT-1774)

    18. [-] Migration Tools upgrade failed on CloudLinux.(PMT-1772)

    19. [-] If the "imapsync" tool was not installed on a server with Migration Tools, mail content migration failed. (PMT-1768)

    20. [-] Content of MySQL databases was not migrated from Helm3 if an old authentication protocol was used.(PMT-1753)

    21. [-] During migration from Helm3, only the first IP address from the list of available IP addresses was used.(PMT-1749)

    22. [-] The template of the config.ini file for Plesk to Plesk migration contained the parameters that could not be available.(PMT-1725)

    23. [-] Migration from Helm3 to Plesk could not be interrupted via the "Ctrl+C" keys combination.(PMT-1722)

    24. [-] Migration report contained an invalid amount of checked objects.(PMT-1720)

    25. [-] Changes in a migration list were not applied during the repeated migration on Windows. (PMT-1719)

    26. [-] In some cases, data restoration result was presented incorrectly.(PMT-1706)

    27. [-] In the situation when a dedicated IP address precedes a shared one, the default IP address was detected incorrectly. (PMT-1705)

    28. [-] The template of the config.ini file for Plesk to Plesk migration on Windows contained mandatory SSH-related parameters that were applicable for Linux only.(PMT-1702)

    29. [-] Migration from Plesk to Plesk failed with an error message about missing a mandatory '[ppa]' parameter that is unrelated to this type of migration.(PMT-1701)

    30. [-] Migration from Helm3 to PPA failed when the source sites node names were too similar.(PMT-1684)

    31. [-] Migration list generation failed without a clear message if a reseller's subscription was not bound to a correct service plan. (PMT-1575)

    32. [-] During migration from Helm3 to PPA with a Helm package containing web-sites hosted on different Helm nodes, a wrong Helm node name was displayed in the error message.(PMT-1449)

    33. [-] During migration on Linux, the chrooted environment enabling users an SSH access was copied as is instead of being recreated. PMT-1354)

    34. [-] When migration of mail content was retried after a connection interruption, the log contained exception tracebacks. (PMT-843)

    35. [-] When generation of a migration list failed, the migration tool did not output valid error messages in some cases. (PMT-839)

    36. [-] Mail forwarding configured in Helm required password after migration to Plesk or PPA. (PMT-741)

    Migration Tools v. 0.1.8 (09 June 2015)

    1. [+] A target Plesk version is verified before migration, so it is impossible to migrate from Plesk to a Plesk version earlier than 12.0.

    2. [+] During migration, it is possible to analyze resource usage by the hosting operating system and by the content of webspaces, and to generate a report.

    3. [*] A faster algorithm is used now for generating a migration list so users can generate migration lists for servers with thousands of domains.

    4. [*] All Migration Tools files are now located in one place in the file system.

    5. [*] The Migration Tools version has now an appropriate, human-readable format.

    6. [*] Remote MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases can now be migrated from Plesk to Plesk.

    7. [*] It is possible to set a timeout for the website availability check after the migration.

    8. [*] During the final step of migration, it is possible to set options to synchronize different types of content.

    9. [*] The migration report now contains an explanation how to run post-migration checks.

    10. [*] Multiple performance improvements.

    11. [*] A migration report is simplified to easily check the migration status.

    12. [*] Service plan migration improvements: migration of plans owned by an administrator or a reseller, migration of additional plan options such as overuse, PHP settings.

    13. [*] Per-subscription migration improvements: better logging, reports on completion, and so on.

    14. [*] Pre-migration checks for MySQL databases include checking that the “max_allowed_packet” parameter value is not exceeded.

    15. [*] Error reporting during the data restoration after the migration is improved.

    16. [*] Passwords are no longer shown in log messages for Plesk to Plesk migrations.

    17. [*] Migration of auxiliary users from Plesk to Plesk is improved: correct migration of contact details, roles, user account status, and access to a subscription.

    18. [*] An infrastructure pre-migration check is now performed at the beginning of a migration process.

    19. [*] IP mapping during migration is improved for different cases: dedicated or shared IP addresses, different types of IP addresses, subscriptions without hosting, and so on.

    20. [-] Databases with the same names were merged during migration to one server. (PMT-1563)

    21. [-] Mail services other than MailEnable on Windows were not detected during the service checks. (PMT-1508)

    22. [-] If web content copying failed during the last step of the migration process, mail and database content could not be copied as well. (PMT-1502)

    23. [-] A trailing ampersand in a mailbox password caused mail migration to fail. (PMT-1493)

    24. [-] Remote databases could not be migrated if a port was not specified. (PMT-1491)

    25. [-] Remote databases failed to be restored if a Plesk migration mode was not set to “true”. (PMT-1490)

    26. [-] There were no valid templates of the config.ini file for Plesk to Plesk migration in the Migration Tools distribution package. (PMT-1349)

    27. [-] An IP address was lost from a backup if website hosting was removed for a migrated subscription. (PMT-1334)

    28. [-] On Linux, migration to PPA failed when an external DNS server was used. (PMT-1332)

    29. [-] The error report in case of mail check failure was not informative enough. (PMT-905)

    30. [-] On Windows, post-migration checks failed for external DNS servers. (PMT-890)

    31. [-] Migration from Plesk on Windows failed in the case of duplicated index documents. (PMT-876)

    32. [-] If a database taking part in migration was deleted from the source server, several attempts to copy the database were done during the migration. (PMT-836)

    Migration Tools v. 0.1.7 (19 April 2015)

    1. [+] Users can specify Apache restart interval for migrations to Plesk.

    2. [*] During migration from Helm, appropriate, human-readable FTP user names are generated on the destination server.

    3. [*] Access to Helm 3 databases from the migration node is no longer required.

    4. [*] User accounts can be migrated from Helm 3 to Plesk even if users' contact details contain incorrect characters.

    5. [-] Improper virtual host structure was created after migration to PPA 11.5 or Plesk 11.5 and later. (PMT-873)

    6. [-] Migration of virtual directories could fail if the name of the directory containing virtual host files contained capital letters. (PMT-932)

    7. [-] During migration from Plesk 8.6 to Plesk 12, resource usage limits for domains were not transferred. (PMT-921)

    8. [-] Users could not transfer data from Plesk for Windows if the Administrator's password for the source node contained special characters. (PMT-889)

    9. [-] Users could not transfer data from Helm 3 installations because the backups contained source node names, which could not be resolved in the destination environment. (PMT-870)

    10. [-] Data transfer could fail if the migration tool failed to create a customer account. (PMT-858)

    11. [-] After migration from Plesk 8.6 to Plesk 12, an extra mailbox was created for each mailbox containing uppercase letters in the local part. (PMT-844)

    12. [-] Shared SSL domains belonging to customers could not be transferred from Helm 3. (PMT-837)

    13. [-] MX resource records in DNS zones could not be transferred from Helm 3 to Plesk if the priority was set in the range from 0 to 50. (PMT-830)

    14. [-] Users could not transfer data from a Helm 3 service node if an internal private IP address was assigned as the main address of the node. (PMT-827)

    15. [-] Mail content could not be transferred from Helm 3 to Plesk, if there were no hosted websites on the Helm 3 server. (PMT-799)

    16. [-] During migration from Helm 3, the migration tool attempted to copy the content of addon domains for which web hosting was not configured. (PMT-791)

    17. [-] Users could not migrate data from Helm 3 to Plesk 12 if IP addresses specified in the config.ini file did not coincide with IP addresses of websites. (PMT-764)

    18. [-] Incorrect IP addresses were indicated in error messages that could be raised while migrating from Helm 3 to Plesk Automation. (PMT-759)

    19. [-] Virtual directories were not transferred during migration from Helm 3 to Plesk if a custom root directory for websites was specified in Helm 3. (PMT-757)

    20. [-] Administrator's username and password were incorrectly marked as mandatory in the migration file template for migrating from Helm 3 to Plesk for Windows. (PMT-743)